Over the Summer Ryan DecenzoMalik Walker, Micky Papa and Ben Paterson and the rest of the crew met up for about ten days of filming in Vancouver.  We're proud to present The Red Dragon Team in "A Week Or So In... Vancouver"

Watch the new video now!

Also check out some of the great shots from the making of this new video below! 

Moses and Ryan with a quick bondo job for the rail spot.


Ryan put on a handrail clinic this day, rifling off three tricks, one being this Switch 180 Overcook.  


Malik, Riley, Micky, and Ryan with a quick footage peep.


Malik Walker - Bs Heel 


Ryan Decenzo - Nollie Flip 


Micky wasn't messing around once he got to this Vancouver ledge heaven.


Ryan Decenzo - Tre Flip 


Micky got Ryan's back not long after he rode away from his Tre flip with this Bs Flip of his own.


Ryan with the first of two heavy Kickflip's at UBC on the last day.


Everyone needed to see the Moses angle after Ryan made short work of that over fence spot.


Riley always killing it on the angles.


Malik unlocking a new spot at UBC with this heavy kick flip to close out the trip.


Photos & Words 


Brandon Alton