2020 seemed to affect everyone in the world differently, but skaters seemed to thrive, what was 2020 like for you?
-It was definitely crazy and a major change to my normal skate lifestyle. All of a sudden all the contests and all travel just stopped. But it made it good for some unlocked potential to skate certain spots and being able to hit schoolyards 7 days a week was definitely rad! So I’m grateful to have been able to buckle down in the streets and handle a bunch of street skating and filming so that was cool!



As we do this interview, you’re chillin in a hotel in Italy for Olympic qualifying… this is a two parter:
1. Are Olympic events more stressful seeing as you’re representing your country?
-Olympic events are stressful because of the rules and regulations present to make it fair to everybody. There’s equal practice time for everyone and check in policies are wild. It’s not like the olden days where you could just kinda show up and skate! But as for representing Canada, it’s an honor. Canada is one hell of a country! At the same time though, I don’t really try and think about it because I think skateboarding breaks down barriers between countries and race and gender... and Olympics really just set us apart more again. Like I’m a fan of so many skateboarders and I really don’t care what country you come from as long as you're rippin.



2. Were the Olympics always on your radar?
-Honestly, no. But when I heard they were going to be in there I already had a decent world ranking, so I figured I may as well keep the ball rolling with these contests; although in my heart my roots are still true to street skating. Olympics would be something cool for the legacy, and to pioneer it as one of the first Canadian skaters in the Olympics would be kinda rad. Something to prove to my mom that skaters aren’t just all street bums



You’re known for going huge at contests, do you feel that Canadian flyouts are like a superpower, or super weapon at these events…. Something you can pull out like a finishing move in Mortal Kombat…?
-Haha the fly outs and big gaps have always been a part of my bag of moves. I love the feeling of flying thru the air. We’ll see what happens though.. these days the reward for points by the judges isn’t as highly scored for the risk factor on these big fly outs. But ya never know. Could be the one the moves that seals the deal and it’s good to have it in the bag



Last week in Des Moines, Iowa you hit your head pretty hard at the Dew Tour, do you recall what you said to the medical staff?
-I think I told em “I’m fine, dragon skulls are tough to crack!”.


Is there any special mental or physical preparation you do before you do huck yourself down a double set like you did in your 2017 WAR?

-I just try and make sure I have the trick dialed before I go and visualize the make a lil bit. I also always go in thinking I’ll die or slam so hard for this trick so it usually ends up being a success when you’re prepared for the worst..

Let’s get to the reason for our little chat, you have a new part ‘SENDER
BENDER’ dropping tomorrow on The Thrasher site. Is this a COVID part, or something you’ve been working on for a while?
-So it’s a bit of a mix between some older footage I had been sitting on and some newer COVID times footage. It’s truly a testament when you look at older tricks and you’re still hyped to put them in there with the newer footage! So it’s a
bit of both haha..

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, good luck in Italy, we can’t wait to see your new part.

-Thank you! Hope everyone likes the part and gets some people fired up to go rip! Definitely put some blood sweat and beers into this part..